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Ukraine Travel Tips

Travelling to and within Ukraine can be a very pleasurable experience. To make the most of your visit we have compiled these travel tips and suggestions based on our years of experience in Ukraine travel and tours.

The way of life and standards of hotels, restaurants, taxis, air and ground transportation may be different from what we are accustomed to. Be prepared for these differences, accept them as you find them, and you will have a most enjoyable time.


Each traveler to Ukraine on International Airlines including AIR CANADA, LUFTHANSA, KLM, AUSTRIAN, AIR FRANCE, AIR UKRAINE, BRITISH, LOT, CZECH AIRLINES and others limit the weight of checked luggage to no more than 22 Kilograms or 50 pounds per suitcase.

Be prepared to pay dearly for extra or overweight suitcases. We will not be responsible for excess charges levied by the airlines. We suggest you adhere to these weight and size dimensions.

Inter-Ukraine flights permit only one suitcase weighing no more than 44 pounds.

Very Important

The International Airlines listed above provide that the sum of the height, width and depth dimensions of the first suitcase checked in should not exceed 62 inches or 157 cm. Your carry on luggage cannot exceed 45 inches or 115 cm, which includes the handle and wheels.


If your luggage is lost or damaged by the airlines you must complete a claim form for lost or damaged luggage prior to leaving the airport baggage area. Should your luggage not accompany you, Airline officials will need to know your name, hotel and telephone number so that when your bag does arrive, it can be delivered to you. R.J.'s Tours Ltd staff are there to assist you in this process.

We recommend you carry your personal items, medication and a change of clothing in your carry-on bag in case of lost or delayed luggage.



Ukraine is 7 hours ahead of Canadian or USA Eastern time. Midnight in Toronto or New York is 7 am in Ukraine.

Clock Shows Actual Current Ukraine Time —>



When traveling to Ukraine bring clothing that is appropriate for the season. An Umbrella, raincoat and good walking shoes are also suggested.
Average temperatures in Ukraine: APRIL 10 C or 50 F - MAY 15-21 C or 60-70 F - JUNE 21+C or 70+F - JULY and AUGUST 27+ C or 80+ F.

Click for current CNN.COM weather page in Ukraine at:
Kyiv     Kharkov     L'viv     Odesa     Yalta



When traveling to Ukraine wear clothing that is appropriate for the season. Average temperature in Ukraine 50 degrees (10 C) in April, 60-70 degrees (15-21 C) in May, 70 Degrees (21+ C) in June and 80-90 Degrees (27+) in July and August. Remember to bring along an umbrella, raincoat and comfortable shoes.

We recommend that you carry your personal items and medication along with a change of clothing in your carry on bag in case of baggage delays. Clothing should be of the easy wash, easy care variety. Be sure to take warm clothing. Sweats are great as they can be worn on cool days. A jacket with a hood is a good idea especially if traveling in the off-season.



For your own well being and safety we strongly urge you to purchase sufficient health, cancellation and luggage insurance. This is available at R.J.'s Tours Ltd at competitive prices and issued by Travel Insurance coordinators, a company we highly recommend.


Travel Documents


A traveler to Ukraine must have a valid passport, re-entry permit or refugee travel document. Your passport should not expire for at least 4 months after your return from Ukraine. Be sure you have signed your passport and keep a record of your passport number in case of loss or theft. Be sure to supply us with a photocopy of your passport and also have one in your possession.
Upon arrival in Ukraine we also keep your passports in safe keeping until your departure date unless you require it while in Ukraine.


A visa to enter Ukraine is no longer required for Canadian or American Travellers, but is required for travelers from certain other countries. If you are not sure please contact us.

Ukraine Passport Control & Customs

Travelers from all countries to Ukraine must clear Ukrainian passport control and customs upon arrival. A customs declaration form will be supplied to you on the airline prior to landing in Ukraine.

You are allowed to bring in up to $10,000.00 USD without any special documentation. Should the funds you bring in exceed this amount then you will be required to complete a special form requesting information on the purpose of your bringing in such a large amount and to whom the money will be transferred.
It is very important to keep this declaration form, and any other forms they may supply you with, in safe keeping and be prepared to present any and all of them when leaving the country.

Customs inspection is a personal matter between you and the customs officer.

Here are some suggestions to make this process go smoothly for you.
It is strongly suggested that you be completely truthful when declaring the amount of money you are bringing into the country. This also pertains to items of value.

On your departure from Ukraine you will be required to complete an exit declaration form. All items of value should be the same as upon arrival except for the cash. You should not leave the country with more cash than what you entered with.

Should you lose your entry declaration form the customs officer has the authority to confiscate all your items of value including your cash. This has happened so protect this declaration form as you would your passport.



Canadian citizens are allowed to bring back goods valued up to $750.00 without paying duty.
There may be a duty imposed on items purchased in Ukraine which you ship back to Canada. Please contact Canada Customs for specific information.

U.S. citizens are required to pay a 10 percent duty on all goods purchased abroad which you ship back to the USA. If it doesn't come back with you on your return flight you will be assessed this 10% duty. Americans are also assessed a duty of 10 percent on the value of all goods in excess of $400.00USD
Please remember there are some goods available in Ukraine but banned in the U.S.. Example is Cuban Cigars. Please contact the U.S. Customs Service.

It is a good idea to keep all sales receipts but should you purchase items at bazaars you will not always be issued a receipt.

To export any antique items or works of art, the permission of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine must be obtained. In addition to Samovars, paintings and rugs, this restriction applies to collections of separate works of fine, applied and folk art; archeological and numismatic items; valuable musical instruments; gold; silver; precious stones; hand woven carpets; manuscripts; books published before 1966; and furniture made before 1945.



In this case you should apply for a "Visitor Visa" rather than a "Tourist Visa".

You must purchase your airline tickets and set your dates of travel to and from Ukraine. At least a month prior to departure contact us at R.J.'s Tours Ltd and we will be happy to process your visa for you.



Ukrainian citizens wishing to visit relatives in Canada or the USA are required to apply for a visa with the respective Embassy in Kyiv.

If you are thinking of inviting a family member or friend from Ukraine to visit you then you must supply them with an "Invitation" Such forms are available from us at R.J.'s Tours Ltd free of charge. All questions on the form must be answered and the invitation notarized by a Notary Public and sent to your family member or friend in Ukraine. They, then, are required to take this document, along with their passport and the required fee, to either the Canadian or American Embassy in Kyiv.



Airline tickets may be purchased by you on any carrier from Ukraine to any destination in Canada or the U.S. These tickets can then be picked up by your relative or friend at the Airline ticketing office in either Kyiv or L'viv. Call us for details.



Throughout Ukraine alcohol is quite inexpensive and easily accessible. Ukraine is a Zero Tolerance country, so please do not drink and drive. The penalties are severe and you are never sure what may happen in such incidents involving the Police. It is advisable to purchase liquor in the better shops rather than small kiosks; this reduces the risk of weak, fake or dangerous products.



For those that don't enjoy the hassle of going through customs when arriving at Borispol Airport in Kyiv there is another alternative.

It's called the V.I.P. Service.

Upon arrival and as you disembark the aircraft you are met by a V.I.P. representative brandishing a sign with your name on it. You are taken by van to Terminal C (V.I.P. Terminal). Here they have less hectic customer and passport control procedures.

You still have to either fill out or produce a completed declaration form. If you need assistance they are there to help.

You don't have to worry about your luggage, they bring it to you.

Friends or relatives who are meeting you at the airport are treated to comfort in a waiting room with a bar.

When you pass customs you are presented with a bag full of souvenirs and escorted to the waiting room to meet your friends or relatives. Here you can order something from the bar to the tune of 60 Hryvni or $10.00 USD which is included in the V.I.P. fee.

If you are interested in booking this V.I.P. service on your trip to Ukraine call us at R.J.'s Tours.

The fee seems to change regularly but currently stands at around $120.00 - $150.00 USD.

You can also book the V.I.P. service for departures but not for all flights. Some airlines like KLM, British Air and Lufthansa do not allow V.I.P. service for departure.



Train travel within Ukraine is a convenient and inexpensive way to get around the country. For tourists first class sleeping cars are recommended. Cars can be booked as double or quad occupancy. If you are traveling alone it is recommended you purchase two tickets, like this you have the compartment to yourself. Should you encounter any difficulties the car steward is the person to see.

I recommend you bring your own soap, toilet paper and towels.

I found train travel in Ukraine to be quite comfortable even though you won't find the same conveniences as on North American trains.



Public transportation can be found in virtually every Ukraine city. Again, not of the same caliber as we are used to in North America but as I have mentioned many times before, accept the differences and you will have a great time, compare to what you have at home, and you won't.

Kyiv has the 3rd oldest subway system of all former Soviet countries and is the deepest in the world with the longest escalators. A visit to Kyiv is not complete without a tour of this beautiful and very impressive subway system.

Travel on the subway is safe and inexpensive and certainly convenient.

Buses and streetcars are also available however it can be difficult if you do not know which bus or streetcar to catch and even more difficult if you are not fluent in Ukrainian or Russian.

Tickets can be purchased at bus stops or once you have boarded. Be sure to punch the tickets at one of several punch a machines available on board. Failing to do this could result in delays or even a fine.



Taxis are very plentiful in cities like Kyiv and Lviv and comparatively inexpensive. Official taxis will have markings similar to North American taxis complete with a meter.

Just about any vehicle in Ukraine qualifies as a taxi. For a small fee most Ukrainian drivers will be happy to pick you up and take you to your destination if it is on their way.



It is cheaper to hire a car and driver than a rent-a-car. The driver also is responsible for fuel, maintenance, security and most importantly he knows where he's going and can also be your guide and interpreter.

A car and driver may be booked through R.J.'s Tours Ltd and if you are on one of our escorted group tours and you require a car and driver we will be happy to arrange it for you.

If you are visiting Ukraine on your own then our Ukraine staff will be at your disposal whenever you need them.



Car rental is now available in some of Ukraine's larger cities but very expensive. Here are some locations in Kyiv:

  1. AVIS -
  3. HERTZ -

Rental fees can be considerably higher that what we might be used to in Canada or the USA.
You must be 21 years of age or older and a credit card and drivers license will be required to rent a car.



Although comparatively inexpensive, techniques and methods used by hairdressers differ from those in North America, not necessarily inferior - just different. Facilities include hairdressing, facials, manicures and even solariums and spas. Barbershops may not look too sophisticated but they are good and, in most cases, reasonably priced. Prices in a city like Kyiv will be considerably higher than in smaller centres.



An 8 hour day is considered a normal work day. Most offices and institutions operate on this schedule Monday through Friday. A lunch break is taken between 1 and 2 pm. Most banks are open without breaks Monday through Friday from 10 am to 5 pm. Many shops now stay open until 6 pm so the above information is but a general guide.



Post offices are located throughout Ukraine. Some hotels, like the Cheremosh in Chernivtsi have a post office. In Kyiv the main post office is located at 22 Kreshatik Street. At post offices you can purchase stamps, send mail, use fax machines and place international phone calls.



  1. DHL International Ukraine - 1 Vasylkivska Street 011-380-44-220-0792
  2. Federal Express - 18 Schorsa Street #2 - 011-380-44-269-2202
  3. UPS (United Parcel Service) - 20 Mechnikova Street - 011-380-44290-0000



Many cyber Cafes have opened, especially in Kyiv and many hotels, like the Grande Hotel in L'viv, now feature Internet Access Services.



For calls within Kyiv, as an example, public telephones are located throughout the city and require phone cards which can be purchased at various outlets including the post office and at many stores.

Long distance phone service is operated by UTEL. Rates for calls to Europe range from 60 cents to $1.50 USD per minute. Calls to Canada and the U.S. average out to about $3.00 USD per minute.

Be forewarned that making calls from your hotel room to Canada or the U.S. are expensive and average out to about $7.00 per minute USD. You are advised to make collect calls. Your hotel may have a direct dial to an Operator in Canada or the U.S. or else they can connect you.

Ukraine's cellular phone system is far superior. Most phones accept SIM cards. Once a SIM card is purchased from a cell phone service provider, it's network can be accessed using any SIM card accepting cellular phone. UMC and Kyiv Star are service providers:

UMC - 8-800-500-0-500 toll free in Ukraine or 011-380-44240-0000
and also accessed on the web at

Kyiv Star - 011-380-44247-3911 or accessed on the web at



Hryvnia graphic

The official currency in Ukraine is the Hryvnia (plural Hryvni). The rate of exchange fluctuates and can be anywhere from 1.7 - 7 Hryvni to one American Dollar, which is the all-mighty currency in Ukraine.

Credit cards are being more widely accepted in many hotels, restaurants and many travel related services.

How things have changed!! Now, one of the quickest, but not necessarily the safest way to obtain cash is through ATM machines. You will get a decent exchange rate and the funds you will receive will be in Hryvnias (Plural Hryvni). ATM transaction fees are comparatively low. All major debit and credit cards are now being accepted. When you travel on an R.J.'s Tours escorted group tour we will direct you to the nearest ATM.

Travellers checks have not yet gained wide acceptance and may be difficult to cash and when they are expect to pay a high commission rate. Should you have no choice then Vabank and Ozhadbank are your best bet.

Be sure to carry an ample supply of Hryvni with you, as most stores can no longer accept foreign currency for purchases. Exchange booths are plentiful. One should avoid exchanging currency with individuals on the street. It is illegal and dangerous.

Be sure your U.S. dollars are clean and not wrinkled, free of marks and tears. Even tiny magic marker strokes used by many North American banks can be cause for refusal to accept your bills.

Personal checks do not yet exist in Ukraine.


There are no problem using credit cards in certain cities and shops You can withdraw cash (HRYVNI) at ATM's over hard currency over the counter at banks. Be prepared to pay a service charge of up to 3 percent. We do not recommend taking Travellers Checks because of the time involved cashing them at banks and the service fees that such institutions impose.


Personal Safety

While traveling throughout Ukraine protect yourself as you would in any world country.
Be sure to place your passport, declaration form, airline tickets, any other official forms and cash in the hotel safe, if one is available, or carry them in a money belt under your clothing but not in a pouch on the outside of your clothing.

Be sure to make a copy of your passport and airline tickets and keep one copy in your luggage and one copy on your person.

Do not flash large amounts of money in public and try not to go out at night alone, rather go out with a small group.

When leaving your room be sure to lock up any valuables in a large suitcase or in a room safe, if the hotel has one.


Health Information as it pertains to Radiation

Levels of radiation in food items and in the air are very minimal and not a threat to your health.

DO NOT drink tap water. Bottled water is supplied to everyone on an R.J.'s Tours Ltd escorted tour. Once boiled, as for coffee and tea, the tap water is fine.



You will be hard pressed to find western style restrooms in the downtown area of any city or town in Ukraine. When you do locate one there may be a 30-40 Kopiykas entry fee. (Kopiykas is Ukraine change and is comparable to our cents.)




Plug style used in Ukraine

Electricity in Ukraine is 220-260 Volts/50Hz and appliance plug tips are of the smaller round European type (Similar to graphic shown at right)

If you plan to take any electrical devices, you will need a voltage converter (Transformer) of sufficient wattage. Electric razors, hair dryers and appliances not rated for 50 Hz will fail to operate properly even with a transformer. Some 60 Hz devices may even burn out. ALL devices rated for 110 volts WILL burn out if used without a transformer.

Plug types and other electrical characteristics can be found at: Ukraine type is at page!c.htm



Here are a few simple rules of etiquette that may help you out of trouble or embarrassment when visiting Ukraine:

  1. If invited into a family home, it is traditional to bring a gift: a bottle of wine, a cake. A bouquet of flowers is customary. IF YOU BRING FLOWERS - make sure it is an uneven number of flowers. If there is a child in the house, it is appropriate to provide him/her with a small gift as well.
  2. Do not shake hands across the threshold of a door. It is considered bad luck.
  3. When shaking hands, take off your gloves!
  4. Be prepared to remove your shoes upon entering a home.
  5. To keep apartments or homes clean, most hosts will provide you with a pair of slippers called "tapochki". The "i" at the end of "Tapochki" is pronounced as in "hit"
  6. On public transportation give up your seat to mothers with children, the elderly or the infirm
  7. At the entrance of upscale restaurants, expect that a coatroom attendant will check your coat, briefcase or baggage.
  8. When eating dinner at someone's home, casual dress is recommended.
  9. Be ready to give toasts at dinner, for guests are often asked to do so.
  10. Offer to share your snacks and cigarettes with those around you.
  11. Be prepared to accept all food and drink offered you when visiting friends or relatives. Ukrainians are known for their generous hospitality when it comes to feeding others. Turning down food may be considered rude.
  12. For business, dress should be conservative. Men should not take off their jacket unless asked to do so.
  13. In Orthodox churches women wear scarves or hats, and men take off their hats.
  14. Don't put your thumb between your first two fingers -this is a very rude gesture. It's called "Doolya" and has been used as a symbol of defiance against Ukraine's invaders and oppressors for centuries. If you feel you must make this gesture, be certain your hand remains hidden in your pocket!



I hate to even address this subject but because of a few bad incidents reported to me, I felt I had better.

If you must, then be sure to invite the lady to YOUR room rather than have her take you somewhere. Keep a close watch on your drink because some of these girls are looking for the opportunity to add drugs to it.

Be sure to leave your valuables with a friend or the hotel front desk.

Enough said!



In official buildings the entrance hall is considered the "Ground Floor" The next flight up takes you to the "First" floor. This is the standard floor numbering system used in all European countries. For private apartments the "First" floor is usually exactly that - the first floor.



To export any antique items and/or works of art, the permission of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine must be obtained. In addition to Samovars, paintings and rugs, this restriction applies to: Collections of separate works of fine, applied, and folk art; archeological and numismatic items; valuable musical instruments; gold; silver; precious stones; hand woven carpets; manuscripts; books published before 1966; and furniture made before 1945.



Cash is, of course, the best gift for friends and relatives in Ukraine; clean, unmarked, not neither torn nor nicked bills and issued after 1992.



Modern well-made western clothing is always appreciated. Pantsuits, blouses, bathing suits, dresses, jackets, jeans (jackets and skirts), winter coats, fake furs, leather jackets, costume jewelry, sewing machines, needles, zippers and other sewing supplies, hair dryers, curling irons, be sure to take along a converter for any electrical appliances made in the west) lingerie including slips, bras, pantyhose, cosmetics, lipstick, eye shadow, nail polish etc.



Suits, ties, jeans, shirts, sweats, socks, shoes, winter boots and gloves, coats, jackets, razor blades



Winter wear, sweat suits, bathing suits, general clothing, shoes, runners.

Toys, crayons and coloring books, markers, electronic games, puzzles, dolls, candy/gum and other western sweets, crazy putty etc.



Tape recorders, video recorders, cassette tapes (Rock, Country and even Canadian and American Ukrainian music, calculators, radios, cameras, small appliances, rechargeable batteries and re-chargers, musical instruments, umbrellas, cigarettes and cigarette lighters.



Iodized salt; vacuum packed meats; dried fruit; ground black pepper; sugar; flour; dried soups and sauces; powdered drinks; coffee; aspirin; band-aids; Imodium; cough syrup; vitamins; antacids; cold remedies; all sorts of spices; prescription medicine.



Carry the majority of your money, passport, airline tickets and other documents in your money belt or shoulder holster money pouch. On all R.J.'s Tours Ltd escorted group tours I hold your passport and airline tickets so that your trip is worry free. Be sure to keep your money belt on you at all times. Money belts can be purchased from R.J.'s Tours Ltd. We recommend you carry no more than $40.00USD in your pocket or pouch.



Tipping is becoming customary in Ukraine. We recommend that you use your own good judgment when it comes to tipping. Our Ukraine tour guides, baggage handler and bus driver should be tipped at the end of our tour. We recommend $15.00 per person for each of the above. Remember they will be working their hearts out to make sure you thoroughly enjoy every aspect of your tour. Be sure to verbally thank them once in awhile while on tour.

We also recommend $1.00 per person for each of our step-on guides. When it comes to restaurant meals we recommend $1.00 per person, per day, to be given at the last meal of the day. Use your own good judgment when it comes to tipping hotel service personnel.



Many hotels in Ukraine are still not up to western standards. Some of the newer or renovated hotels now are. These hotels are usually privately owned. At R.J.'s Tours Ltd we only work with hotels that have a *** (3 star) or higher rating.



The reason we suggest you bring the following items with you is because they might not always be available or are of inferior quality in comparison to what you may be used to.



WET-ONES (moist towelettes); toothpaste; hair spray; bath soap; shampoo; antiperspirant; shaving supplies; toilet paper; Kleenex; feminine supplies; insect repellent; TUMS; antibiotics; bath towel; flat sink stopper; sewing kit and plastic zip lock bags.

Instant coffee; powdered milk; snacks; artificial sweeteners.

Extra pair of prescription glasses; prescription medicine; vitamins; band-aids; headache remedies; a decongestant such as Sudafed, and whatever you may use for Diarrhea (Imodium works very well)

American cigarettes are readily available in Ukraine. For Canadians, only Rothman's is available as of this printing.

Alarm clock, flashlight, wax candles and matches.



If you are planning to visit family or friends be sure to bring along a small album of pictures of your family, home etc for family members in Ukraine to see. Use common sense when describing your good life in Canada or the U.S. Remember your family in Ukraine may not live with the same conveniences and affluence.



Camera film is now readily available but selection may be limited and expensive. We suggest you bring along an ample supply of film, batteries, videocassettes, etc. All video equipment in Ukraine is based on the Pal-Secam format.

One of our friends, Kenneth W. Kemp <>, contributes the following helpful suggestions:

"Equipment newly in place in some (many?) nations to scan checked baggage endangers film packed in luggage. Many travelers still think that they should pack film in their luggage rather than keep it in their carry-on baggage, when exactly the opposite is now the case. I think I'll just pay the extra cost and buy my film in Europe. Perhaps an explicit warning about this danger will help someone avoid damage to their film.

There is information on this at the following web-sites:
1. Kodak's:
2. A retailer's site:
3. The site of a film-advocacy organization:"



Souvenir items are plentiful and reasonably priced. Here is a list of recommended items to consider purchasing:
Horilka (Vodka) - Hetman is indeed a favorite. Champagne - both red and traditional. Hand carved, wood inlay and Lacquered boxes, dark chocolate, hand-painted silk scarves, red and black Caviar, Soviet Military Memorabilia, Pysanky (hand painted Easter eggs) Oil and watercolor paintings, embroidery, lace, semi-precious stones, A favourite of mine - Matrioshka dolls (Wooden nested dolls), amber, hand woven rugs, stamps, coins, books.
Many of these items can be purchased at outdoor bazaars where bargaining is expected.

Prices in most stores are usually non-negotiable.
Bazaars are also the best place to purchase fresh fruit, flowers, vegetables, meat, cheese, and eggs. Kyiv, Lviv, and Chernivtsi have excellent outdoor bazaars.

My Favourite Bazaars in Kyiv are Vladimirskiy and Bessarabka.

There are now many designer clothing stores in Kyiv and in other larger centres. Topping the list of names are Nike, Adidas, Jan Franko Ferre, Reebok and many others.

You might even be surprised and impressed with the quality of clothing and other items sold at bazaars in Kyiv, Chernivtsi, and Lviv.

Be careful what you buy as you may receive a counterfeit item in some bazaars and remember any items deemed to be national treasures may be confiscated by customs officials upon departure unless you have official documents permitting you to leave Ukraine with such items. If you are traveling on an R.J.'s Tours Ltd group tour then check with us before you purchase.



If you are on an R.J.'s Tours escorted group tour then all your meals are included. Should you decide to venture out and explore the many tastes available in Kyiv, representing many major cuisines, then feel free to allow us to share our expertise with you.



This is a very exciting time to travel to Ukraine. It is a vacation you will never forget.

Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe in terms of landmass and third largest in population. Ukraine, because of its location is crucial to the future of Western Europe, Russia and the Far East.

Ukraine is rich in Natural resources, fertile soil, extensive forests and vast mineral deposits.

Ukraine is going through a period of extreme stress in its change from a Communist regime to a Democratic Market Economy. The country has done extremely well and in a peaceful democratic way. It has the most stable government of all former Communist countries.

For the tourist, Ukraine is second to none in beauty. You'll enjoy the beautiful Carpathian Mountains, Lviv's Architecture and lifestyle, Odessa and the Crimea with its sub-tropical climate on the Black Sea, The Mighty Dnipro River with its Cossack history and Kyiv, Ukraine's capital, with its business opportunities and boundless beauty.

Most importantly a friendly, hospitable people, music, song, Ukrainian Folk dancers surround you and, of course, the always-full plate and cup.





Vul. Yurija Kotsiubynskoho 10

Tel: 244-7349/54

Fax: 244 7350




5 Roza Luxembourg St

Kyiv, Ukraine 252034

Tel: 291 89 78






11708-135A Street

Edmonton, Alberta T5M 1L5

Tel: 780-415-5633 Toll free 1-877-353-5633

Fax: 780-415-5639























For a complete guide on travelling to Ukraine send an e-mail request to R.J.'s  Tours  Ltd



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