Ukraine Statistical Facts

Ukraine Facts and Statistics

Possesses the world's greatest resources of fertile black soil called chornozem

"Breadbasket of Europe" with cereal crops, wheat, rye, barley, oats, hops, corn, flax, vegetables, sugar beets, potatoes, orchards, vineyards, sunflower, tobacco, hemp, and cotton.
Animal Husbandry:

Cattle, horses, swine, sheep, goats, poultry, rabbits, fishing, bee keeping and silkworms.
Capital City: Kyiv with a population of 2,645,000 and an area of 780 sq km.
Climate: Temperate continental; subtropical on the southern coast. Winters are cool in the south and cold inland; while summers range from warm inland to hot in the South.
Currency: Hryvna
Distribution of Employment: Industry 56%,  Services 25%,  Agriculture 19%
Flag: Ukrainian Flag
Two equal horizontal bands of azure and yellow
representing golden wheat fields below a blue sky
Geographic Location: Ukraine is in a strategic position at the crossroads between Europe and Asia in central southeastern Europe, bordering the Black Sea.

The geographical center of Europe is the village (Selo) of Dilove, district of Rakhiv, province (Oblast) of Zakarpatia, in Western Ukraine.

Ukraine is situated between 44"20' and 52"20' North latitude, and 22"5' and 41"15' East longitude.

Government: Multiparty Democratic Republic with a single legislative body, The Verkhovna Rada, consisting of 450 seats.
Highest Peak: Mt. Hoverlia, Carpathian Mountains - 2061 M.
Industries: Aircraft, aerospace technology, shipping, public transport vehicles, locomotives, turbines, tractors, food-processing, excavators, mining, heavy machinery, machine tools, electric power, electronic equipment, computers, appliances, ferrous and non ferrous metals, cast iron, steel, rolled metal, piping, chemicals, textiles, leather, and consumer goods.
Inland Waterways: 1,672 km navigable year-round including Dnipro and Prypiat rivers
Land Boundaries: 4,558 km Coastline: 2,782 km
Land Mass: Ukraine is the largest country in Europe, in terms of countries whose entire boundries lie within the European continent. It is larger than France in area - 233,100 sq mi/603,700 sq km. It extends 818 miles/1316 km from west to east, and 555 miles/893 km North to South.
Longest River: Dnipro
National Income: Industrial 42%, agricultural 31%
Natural Resources: An estimated 5.5 thousand deposits of valuable minerals exist in Ukraine including; coal, oil, natural gas, iron ore, manganese,titanium, uranium, bauxite, graphite, salt, potash, potassium, kaolin, sulphur, magnesium, mercury, nickel, gold, garnet, opal and diamonds.
Hydro-electric energy and forestry.
Neighboring Countries: Bordered by (clockwise) Moldova, Romania and Hungary on the Southwest, Slovakia on the West, Poland on the Northwest, Belarus on the North, and Russia on the Northeast.
Official Languages: Ukrainian, an East Slavic Language. Second most widely spoken language of the 12 surviving Slavic group members. Of the most melodious languages in the world, Ukrainian ranks second only to Italian. Is of the Indo-European language family. Writing is based on the Cyrillic script.
Population: Third Largest in Europe. Exceeds 52.1 Million - 68% Urban and 32% Rural. Density 224 inhabitants per square mi/86 per sq km. Composed of over 100 ethnic groups and entities: Ukrainians 74%, Russians 21%, minorities 5% including Belarussian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Jewish, Moldovian, Polish and Romanian.
Principal Cities: Chernivtsi, Dnipropetrovske, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Kyiv, L'viv, Odesa, Ternopil', Uzhhorod and Zaporizhzhia.
Religion: Predominantly Christian, Ukrainian Orthodox. Ukrainian Eastern Byzantine Rite Orthodox 76%; Ukrainian Eastern Byzantine Rite Catholic 13%; Protestant, Jewish, Muslim and other 11%.
Seaports: Berdianske, Illichivske, Kerch, Kherson, Mariupol', Mykolayiv, Odesa, Sevastopol, Pivdenne, Inland Port: Kyiv.
Terrain: Fertile plains (steppes) and plateaux, with Carpathian Mountains in the Southwest and the Crimean peninsula in the South. Ukraine is bounded on the South by the Black Sea and the Azov Sea.


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