Ukraine Car Travel and Auto Vehicle Rentals

Car rental services have been temporarily suspended because of theft etc.

Vehicle rentals are possible on a limited scale in Kyiv but we DO NOT recommend it because of theft. Car and driver rental packages are available in all major cities in Ukraine. Your driver is responsible for NOT  leaving the vehicle unattended, day or night. He knows where to purchase fuel, where to park and is a trained auto mechanic because repair services are not readily available. Your driver will even sleep in the vehicle to safeguard it.

Renting a car and driver for the day within city limits can range anywhere from $80 to $100 for an 8 hour day.

Weekly rates vary from region to region but average out to $850 USD and include driver accommodation.

Van rentals increase the above prices by about $90.00 and will accommodate up to 4-5 people with baggage. The price is per van, not per person.

Here are some approximate costs for a mid-sized car including driver and fuel:

 From/To  Distance  Driving-time  Cost ($US)
Kyiv/L'viv 540 km 9 hours $370
Kyiv/Dnipropetrovsk 515 km 9 hours $415
Kyiv/Kharkiv 475 km 8 hours $375
Kyiv/Odesa 480 km 8 hours $380
Kyiv/Poltava 340 km 6 hours $340
Kyiv/Rivne 315 km 5 hours $330
Kyiv/Ternopil' 465 km 8 hours $360
L'viv/Chernivtsi 300 km 5 hours $240
L'viv/Ivano Frankivsk 150 km 3 hours $140
L'viv/Ternopil' 135 km 2 hours $125
L'viv/Uzhhorod 280 km 6 hours $220
L'viv/Warsaw 450 km 8 hours $300
L'viv/Budapest 850 km 12 hours $425

We can arrange for either car rentals or car/driver rental packages.

For a complete guide on travelling to Ukraine send an e-mail request to


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