Spartak Hotel in Kyiv (Kiev)
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105, Frunze St., Kyiv 252080, Ukraine

Spartak Hotel is situated in a historical, picturesque part of town called "Podil", right next to the Spartak Sports Stadium. All guests are welcome to use the stadium facilities which include surfaced running tracks, swimming pool, and fitness equipment.

Spartak Hotel Room Spartak Hotel Room

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Spartak Hotel offers:
20 rooms and 4 suites;
Elegant interior decoration in the best European style;
Phones, TV, mini-bar and bathroom in all rooms;
Delicious food in the Spartak Restaurant;
A wide selection of beverages in the Spartak Bar;
Nearby facilities include a stadium, swimming pool, sauna bath and fitness equipment;
Parking lot is protected by guards;
Most major credit cards accepted.



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