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Very little useful data has been published relating to business opportunities in Ukraine. Western media reports convey a general impression of a wide open business climate in the eastern European countries, including Ukraine, while Ukraine's official data is always presented as favorable rather than realistic.

For a true assessment of opportunities, we recommend that a representative from your company conduct a familiarization trip. In this way you will be conducting your own market research rather than depending on someone else's interpretation of your company’s needs.

Our business services staff offer a network of seasoned resident professionals who will pre-arrange and schedule all aspects of an in-depth, customised itinerary that includes all of the best sites for your visit. Every detail will be worked out in advance to meet your criteria and scheduling requirements.

R.J.’s Tours Ltd will provide you with an interpreter/assistant who will travel with you as you compile local opportunities and assess background information. This level of survey information is simply unobtainable through any other source.

This is the only way to ensure reliable results and viable information of the best quality.

Should you wish to have one of our staff members in Ukraine conduct background information for you prior to your visit, we will of course arrange that too.

We will also put together an itinerary for you made up of all necessary accommodations, transport and most important, we will confirm all of the business meeting appointments required.

Also, we can arrange for a qualified interpreter who would be familiar, not only with the local situation, but more importantly—your requirements.

All R.J.’s Tours Ltd staff act solely in your interest. He or she will know exactly what you are seeking and may even be able to offer suggestions to help you identify additional opportunities as your trip progresses. Your R.J.'s Tours specialist can also serve as a savvy personal travel companion; one who will help you avoid frustration, dishonest operators and lost time.

At R.J.’s Tours Ltd we are here to help.


E-mail us at rjstours@shawbiz.ca to request further information.


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